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At For the Love of Travel LLC, we facilitate anything travel…and then some! We are affiliated with Travel Edge (USA), a member of Virtuoso, which gives us access to a myriad of services and facilities all over the world! In addition, we have access to pretty much all that is offered out there to make your vacation memorable.


While we are also especially experienced in independent and solo traveling, we design your travel your way, and are here to give you professional guidance to make everything happen just like you imagined it.




The most obvious thing a travel advisor does is SAVE YOU TIME!! Now, that's already an important commodity, but that's not all a travel advisor does. Not only does a travel advisor save you the time you would no longer need to dedicate to your travel planning, but they will also do it faster in most cases because of their experience and tools at their disposal.


A travel advisor will listen to you and will research and guide you into the vacation you want, but will also not hesitate to point out reasons why you may not want certain parts of it.


A travel advisor's work does not end with the booking of your transportation and hotel stays, a travel advisor, in consultation with you, will also arrange for you and your companions, if any, to have the type of activities you enjoy available to you once you get to each different destination, and describe some of the "must see" attractions to help you choose the ones you wish to experience.  A travel advisor can even help you locate different restaurants you might enjoy!


The experience and expertise of a travel advisor will also help make your travel go much more smoothly, because they may know the ins and outs it would take you a while to find out.


Yes, there are many different websites where you can do it yourself, and maybe you are the type of traveler that should do that, but a travel advisor, unlike a website, can discuss with you experiences or knowledge acquired about a destination, activity, accommodation, or airline.


A travel advisor can also help you if problems arise and, depending on their network, can even aid in case of an emergency.


When you couple this with our passion to deliver the best customer service possible, the question becomes…Why NOT??




Nowadays there are many different models for the fees and/or service charges a travel advisor may command. At For the Love of Travel LLC, we know that the value of hiring a travel advisor is not easy to determine, but we have come up with a fee structure that we feel is fair to all.


Your initial consultation, not to exceed 30 minutes, via e-mail or phone, is FREE!


Transaction fees:


  • Airline/Railway, or similar tickets - 10%, $30 minimum per each


  • Hotel Reservations or land tours - 10%, $30 minimum per each room/suite/other facility reservation


  • Allowed changes or cancellations - same charges as above


  • Car rental reservations/booking/cancellation - 10%, $30 minimum per vehicle


  • Cruise cancellations (no fees for booking) - 5%, $100 minimum per each traveler


Service fees for planning:


Minimum $250 per person* **


*One half of it (or $125 per person minimum) is non-refundable. The balance ($125 per person minimum) is applied towards your booking, but only if you book within 90 days from payment; otherwise it will be 100% non-refundable.


**In some cases, in consultation with the client, higher fees will be charged if the planning is more complex or over an unusually long period of time.

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