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So, now, you have spent some time thinking about your vacation and navigating our website. No matter how defined or loose your plans may be, we can help you design your perfect trip. Below you will find our e-mail addresses and telephone numbers and extensions that will allow you to contact us by telephone, e-mail, or fax and let us know whether you already know you want a cruise or some other type of vacation and where, or if you still have questions about some things before you can zero in on what you really want.


We encourage you to read our Services and Fees section, as well as the Client Services Agreement you will find therein.


If you are closer to knowing what you would like and when, then please fill out the travel survey form you will find in this section. Either fill it in online or print it and fax it to us at our same phone number. As soon as we receive it, we will become familiarized with it, and will be contacting you as soon as possible via the preferred form you have indicated. If you are still in the very beginning stages, then an e-mail or telephone call will suffice.

Direct Contact Info:


Toll Free (US Only): 800-778-8785

305-351-3059 (US/International)

Cruises: Ext. 1 Land Tours: Ext. 2

Other Travel: Ext. 3 

General Mailbox: Ext. 4


E-mail addresses:  |  Toll Free (US Only): 800-778-8785

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